State Trustees Statement

The following statement was released by State Trustees Limited on 16 June 2019 on the State Trustees website; at this address; (and is shown below).

In the event that the Statement is removed by State Trustees from its website, a copy of the Statement is below.


Former CEO Mr Craig Dent

Mr Dent was employed by STL from February 2012 until 26 July 2018. He was employed in the role of CEO from 2 December 2013 until 26 July 2018.

During 2018 Mr Dent was stood down from his employment pending the result of an external investigation commissioned by STL. In July 2018, STL decided to dismiss Mr Dent from his employment on the basis of findings made by the external investigator.

Mr Dent did not accept these findings in July 2018, or subsequently, and has vigorously contested that grounds existed for his dismissal. Mr Dent challenged the findings of the external investigator, and his dismissal in proceedings issued in the Federal Court of Australia. STL has denied any liability.

The Federal Court has not determined Mr Dent’s claims. However, STL and Mr Dent have now agreed to resolve their differences and to settle the Federal Court proceedings on terms confidential to the parties and acceptable to both parties.

-End of Statement-


A copy of the State Trustees Statement in PDF format can be found here State Trustees Statement_Former CEO Mr Craig Dent – State Trustees VIC.

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